A big hello from Shellie, the Claude St founder & creative director.

Well, well, well. Here I am writing my first blog for Claude St. Shellie here, by the way.
Claude St, has seriously been a dream of mine for such a long time. In my mind, I could visualise the space, the things I wanted to teach, and the creatives that I wanted to learn from. And, hopefully include in our “stable” of creatives, making up the heart and soul of Claude St. Now, I sit here, writing this blog for my dream, that has finally come true.

The thing about Claude St is, it’s just a space, a vessel, a 900 square meter rectangle. But the stuff that will happen in our space  is terrific. When we started, there was holes in the walls and the floor, it smelt of diesel fuel and the floor was so dirty. We thought it would be an impossible task for it to ever be clean. Claude St, has an interesting history, it used to be a dry cleaners, a motor mechanic workshop, and even the headquarters of a bikie gang! It’s nice to think that we now have taken on this very interesting space, and are embracing the imperfections. A huge amount of elbow grease and imagination went into the build and we could not be happier with the transformation.

It started with a little yellow sticky note, a note to myself, “I need a space”.
As everyone who knows me will tell you, I am hopeless at organising things and there are unfortunately lots of little notes everywhere. Scraps of paper that are important at the time and then misplaced. Notes to remind me to order stock for the shop or pay a bill, or send a text. I love my pile of notes. This note however, was special and I bought it home with me. The note sounds misleading. I didn’t mean I need space in the sense that everyone is annoying and I need “space”. It meant, I need a space to do stuff!  

I have always been creative, and I have been very lucky to have built a small business, Greenbunch, around being creative. Creating Claude St has now given me the opportunity to teach other people what we are lucky enough to do everyday, and a space for me to do stuff!

It hasn’t been an easy task though. Setting up a new small business while still running another very busy business has been very interesting, and challenging. Challenging in the sense that it’s a very different business from Greenbunch. To create a workshop space, requires the help of lots and lots of people. From the build, to the creatives and now to the people who will learn from us. Its a daunting task, but also a very exciting new chapter. I am extremely lucky to have a very  supportive group of people around me that have made this transformation possible. They know who they are. They are my people and I love them.
I am more of a “hands on person” so writing a blog is a something that I didn’t think I would ever do. I am hoping to write many blogs for Claude St, just so you can keep up to date. I promise it will be interesting!
Bye for now, keep doing the stuff. The stuff that makes you happy 🖤
Shellie xx